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Rules and Policy of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Nomination Board

Services and General Administration Department

Azad Govt. of The State of Jammu & Kashmir


Dated: November 05, 2009.


No. Administration/G-8(4) part II/2009, The president of Azad Jammu & Kashmir cancelled all the previous criteria of eligibility for nomination through nomination board for professional , technical and other institutions of education in the public interest and sanctioned the following:-

1. A nomination in all the professional, technical and other educational institutions for Azad Jammu & Kashmir national students will be the subject of Azad Jammu & Kashmir nomination board.
  a): Re-organization of Nomination Board:-
    i) Chief Secretary                                                                                                           (Chairman)
    ii) Secretary Education Colleges                                                                                      (Member/Secretary Board)
    iii) Secretary Public Health                                                                                              (Member)
    iv) Director General Ministry of Health Govt. of Pakistan                                              (Member)
    v) Chief Engineer Building Division (PPH) North                                                          (Member)
    vi) Additional Secretary Education Colleges                                                                    (Additional Secretary Board)
  b): Organization of Evaluation Committee & Its Domain:-

The committee will look into the papers/documents of willing Kashmir students to take admission in Pakistani educational institutions against the reserved seats and submit their report in the form of working papers to the Nomination Board. The committee will consist of:-


Additional Secretary Education Colleges (Additional Secretary Nomination Board)   (Chairman)


Additional Director Public Health                                                                             (Member)


Deputy Secretary Education Colleges                                                                        (Member/Secretary)

    iv) Deputy Secretary Las (Law making)                                                                         (Member)

Section Office Education Colleges (legal)                                                                  (Member)

  c): Duties and Domain of Evaluation Committee:-
    i) The committee will look into the documents of the candidates for the admission of professional (M.B.B.S/B.D.S/B.Sc Engineering and DAE etc) and for all the other seats for the nomination is required and make the merit lists.
    ii) Except medical and Engineering, the committee will look into matters of nominating in all other disciplines, postgraduate courses, diploma of associate engineering, first year B.Sc (Hon's)/Agriculture, M.Phil Agriculture and other courses and of the evaluation according to rules make a merit list and with the consent of Secretary Education Colleges will make the nominations.
2. a): Procedure of applications against reserved seats:-

Secretary Nomination Board will advertise in all the national newspapers for the reserved seats for state Nationals including the refugees settled in Pakistan. On the prescribed forms on the notice of 15 days. Delayed or incomplete applications will not be considered. Last date of the acceptance of application will be 15 days from the date of advertisement. Candidate should submit their application with the following documents in the office of Secretary Nomination Board office:-

    i) State subject issued form the relevant deputy commissioner/District Magistrate.
    ii) Domicile certificate
    iii) Residential certificate issued by the relevant District Magistrate.

Attested Photostat copies of marks sheets.

    v) Attested copy of ID card (incase of age exceeding 18 years above)
    vi) Character certificate
    vii) Medical certificate
    viii) Passport size photographs 3 Nos. (Female are exempted)
    ix) Nomination Fees non-refundable (through bank challan/draft which will be given in advertisement every year)
    x) Written proof of qualifying the provincial entry test
  b): Willing candidates should provide the result of qualifying the entry tests in the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah for the admission in medical/engineering colleges. So that the candidate should fulfill the criteria of admission in medical/engineering colleges of the relevant province. The candidate will not be entitled for admission in case of not qualifying the entry test on merit.

For the medical/engineering and other disciplines, the attached specimen of application form should be filled in all categories “A, B, C D, E” and every category separate for m should be filled/used


Given colleges/subjects in the application form will not be changed.

5. Nominations of the applicants of the selected candidates will be sent to relevant university/colleges/ institute through ministry of Kashmir affairs. If the degree of any selected candidate found to be false his nomination shall stand cancel and disciplinary and legal action will be taken against his/her. Selected/ nominated candidate shall bound to fill a surety bond to serve AJK Govt. for five years according to schedule (A&B).

Proportion of Nomination:-

The candidate should be the state National of AJK. Seats shall be in the following ratio:-

    i) Refugees Settled in Pakistan                                     19%
    ii) Refugees of 1989                                                     6%
    iii) Neelum                                                                    3.30%
    iv) Muzaffarabad                                                           12.15%
    v) Hattian Bala                                                             4.55%
    vi) Bagh                                                                        7.17%
    vii) Haveili                                                                     2.83%

Sudhnoti                                                                  6%


Kotli                                                                        13%


Mirpur                                                                      9%


Bhimber                                                                   8%


Poonch                                                                    9%



  MBBS/B.Sc Engineering candidates should fulfill the criteria given in the prospectus of the relevant colleges/universities.

Except M.B.B.S and B.Sc Engineering courses, all the other course like BDS, DVM, D-pharmacy, B.Com, C.Com, B.Sc (Agriculture), B.A/B.Sc (Hon’s), Polytechnical, LHV’s, M.A/M.Sc, LLB and cadet colleges/public schools, the seats allocation should be the same as above. Admission criteria shall be the same as of the relevant university/ college.


The allotment in medical & engineering colleges shall be on merit.

10. Where the marks are equal, the weightage of the fraction of marks shall be considered. Candidate having better fraction shall stand on merit and if fraction will also be equal the allotment shall be made on seniority of age.
11. The selection of candidate for every district shall be on merit for the candidates of the same district. If the suitable candidate from the relevant district is not available, the seat shall be divided among the other units on equal basis.

The reserved seats less then 11 for any course/classes shall be made from with AJK on general merit basis.

13. If a candidate vacated his/her reserved seat on his own choice, the vacated seat shall be utilized for another candidate. If the vacated seat is wasted then their candidate shall not be considered for the new seat during the session/year or the coming / next year.
14. Vacant seat of district/unit shall be following from the candidate on merit from the same district/ units.

According to the verdict of Pakistan Supreme Court dated March 22, 2001 on the request of Attia Bibi etc against the federation of Pakistan through secretary education, Ministry of Education Islamabad, all the special seats are abolished except the under developed regions. Consequently, the Doctor’s son’s seats in Medical Colleges shall stand could according to the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

16. The seats of B.Sc in Engineering universities/ colleges shall be allotted on merit in the relevant technology/ discipline basis.
17. Technology of any candidate in the normal circumstances shall not be changed. If a candidate with both technologies vacated his seat, the seat shall be allocated according to merit to the relevant district.

candidates (male/female) belonging to AJK whose parents are settled temporarily in Pakistan or any other disputed of AJK shall be considered against the quota of their own relevant permanent district and they shall provide the permanent residential certificate.

19. The institutions having additional marks for Hafiz-e-Quran for admission shall be dealt by the following committee:-
    i) Director Religions Affairs                                        (Chairman Nomination Board)
    ii) Additional Secretary Education Colleges                   (Member/ Additional Secretary Nomination Board)
    iii) Nominee of Religios Department (Hafiz-e-Quran)   (Member Nomination Board)
20. Candidates against the disabled seats shall provide a certificate for the medical board constituted by the Director General Health Services or District Medical Board. The Director General Health Services shall also confirm the certificate.
21. Merit list shall be made one additional seats after the nomination of candidates shall be allotted to the candidates on waiting list according to their district quota.
22. Better results in entry tests shall be included in the districts merit.
23. Candidates amongst the refugees settled in Pakistan who are selected on open merit shall avail the open merit seat. They shall not be selected against the quota of AJK and if nominated, the nominal shall stand null and void & hence cancelled.
24. The under mentioned notifications regarding the nomination of candidate in different professional and other institutions of Pakistan are cancelled henceforth.

Notification No.Admin/H-6(51)I 1986 dated 2nd April, 1986


Notification No.Admin/E/(73)II 1993 dated January 20, 1993.


Notification No.Admin/R-A/90/87 dated October 28, 1996.


Notification No.Admin/R-A/90/87 dated January 24, 2001.


Notification No.Admin/G/2/(9)/ dated August 28, 2002.

    f) Notification No.Admin/G/2/(9)/2002 dated February 27, 2003.

Notification No.Admin/Fules/259/A-R/91 dated June30, 2004.

    h) Notification No.Admin/S&G/A-D/471/87/2005 dated May 04, 2005.

Order No. 5215-731/08 dated September 30, 1980.


Syed Iqbal Ahmed

      Section Officer Services (General)

Secretary to the President AJ&K.

  2. Principle Secretary to the Prime Minister Azad Govt. of The State of Jammu & Kashmir.
  3. Private Secretary to the Speaker/Deputy Speaker AJK legislative Assembly.

Private Secretaries to the ministers/Advisors/Chairman Investigation Commission Govt. of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

  5. Private Secretary to the Chief Secretary (Chairman Nomination Board).
  6. Private Secretary to the Additional Chief Secretary (General).
  7. Private Secretary to the Senior Member Board of Revenue.
  8. Private Secretary to the Additional Chief Secretary (Development)
  9. Private Secretary to the Secretary Services & General Administration.
  10. Administrative Secretaries, Azad Govt. of The State of Jammu & Kashmir.
  11. Private Secretary to the Secretary Education Colleges (Member/Secretary Nomination Board).
  12. Private Secretary to the Secretary Law & Justice (Member Nomination Board).
  13. Director General Health Federal Ministry of Health Govt. of Pakistan Islamabad (Member Nomination Board).
  14. Chief Engineer Physical Planning & Housing North (Member Nomination Board).
  15. Accountant General Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.
  16. Inspector General Police, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.
  17. Additional Secretary Education Colleges (Additional Secretary Nomination Board)

Controller Govt. Printing Press, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.

  19. Master File.
    Section Officer Services (General)







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